Ridge Garage Door

Dear Ridge Door Sales and Service Customer,

Ridge Door Sales and Services thanks you for your business these past years, unfortunately, our company has recently consolidated with Metro Garage Door Co.

RIDGE DOOR SALE AND SERVICES has carefully selected METRO GARAGE DOOR CO., a top quality, long term company to serve your future garage door and opener needs with comparable customer service excellence. Your records have been transferred so Metro Garage Door Company now has the service history on your door(s) and opener(s) and your contact information.

We have selected Metro Garage Door Company because it has excellent customer service ratings by over 250,000 Twin City businesses, contractors and homeowners since 1978.


Kevin Louis
Ridge Door Sales and Service

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Dear Prospective Customer,

We are honored to be selected by Ridge Door Sales & Service to serve their customer. I want you to know that we take customer service very seriously here at Metro Garage Door Company. We have been doing so for 34 years and have received a 98.5% “strongly agree” rating last year by our customers who would use us again for their future garage door needs.

We are easy to contact with a live person to help set up you appointment 24/7. For situations that require a fast response, call us by noon, we can serve you that same day. We have your service history on file and your contact information to ease your transition to a new service provider.

Metro Garage Door co. has highly experienced, licensed, insured and IDEA Certified Technicians to serve your garage door needs. Our trucks and warehouse are full of needed parts for timely repairs and service for your garage door and opener. We offer services Monday through Saturday and provide 24/7 emergency services.

Our sales staff is available to help with free onsite recommendations for your new doors and openers. We offer sales and installation of all brands of sectional overhead doors and openers.

Metro Garage Door will make this transition easy for you. We look forward to helping with your garage and overhead door needs and continuing your high quality garage door service.


Doug Robinson
Metro Garage Door Company